Nutrition 101: An Overview

Welcome to the first of five blogs, as part of the series Nutrition 101!

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Today’s topic is an overview of what nutrition is and why we should care about it.  

Nutrition: An Overview 

Now, more than ever, health is of utmost importance.  Food is sustenance, and it should serve a purpose.  But, it’s often easy to become too busy that we forget how important the food (or how much food) is that we put in our bodies.  

Nutrition is defined by the U.S. National Library of Medicine as the “science of food, the nutrients and other substances therein, their action, interaction and balance in relation to health and disease, and the processes by which the organism ingests, absorbs, transports, utilizes and excretes food substances.” 

Oh snap, we’re getting technical now.  This definition makes the topic of nutrition sound way more intimidating than it actually is.  While nutrition isn’t rocket science, it also isn’t the easiest concept to understand, especially from each individual’s unique perspective.

Do you need to know all the details of how your body ingests, absorbs, transports, utilizes or excretes your food to be healthy or even to achieve your goals? NO.  But it certainly helps to know the basic science behind why nutrition is so important.  Once you learn the foundational knowledge, you will also understand how important proper nutrition is to living a happy and healthy life.  Health is wealth, after all. 

Exercise alone is not the key to physical fitness, nor is it enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Poor nutrition can lead to malnourishment, weight gain, and disease.  On the other hand, tailoring and taking advantage of your nutrition can not only help you achieve optimal health, but it can also help you achieve various physique goals like building muscle or losing fat. 

How can we maintain proper nutrition but still live a balanced lifestyle?  I’m here to tell you that it is possible, and I hope that this series will give you the knowledge and tools needed to make this happen!  Additionally, I would like for you to understand that I’m giving you basic health and science information. I am not aiming to promote a specific diet or tell you which foods to eat. Keep that in mind throughout the series.

Nutrition isn’t necessarily about eating “clean” or counting calories and macros.  It’s about giving food a purpose and a plan so that you’re not a slave to a diet and being healthy is attainable through the food choices that you make on a daily basis. 

What is the purpose behind the food we are eating? What purpose is it serving our body?

After reading this blog series, you will be able to understand what purpose your food is serving you, especially on a fundamental level, and how to make it work FOR YOU.

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References for General Information

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