The Parallels between Chemistry and Fitness

Science is related to everything! It’s a process by which we figure out the world around us, but can we use a scientific mindset to approach our health?


As I get closer and closer to finishing up my PhD, the more and more I realize how important the fundamental concepts of chemistry are. When someone pursues a doctorate degree, they usually pick one subtopic and study it extensively, and the details become increasingly more complex. It’s often easy to forget the basics when you’re looking at something with such detail!

Chemistry might seem highly specific, but it’s actually a very broad field. There’s biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and more! Within these subfields, there’s even more subtopics that one can choose to pursue. This is the same with any field of study!

This really got me thinking… the fundamentals of my own field of study are imperative to understanding the highly complex details. We need to apply this same thought process when we approach our health and fitness.

How can we do this?

Always go back to the basics! We cannot be successful with our fitness goals if we skip over the fundamental principles that govern our health.

For example, if my goal is to build muscle, I see that my favorite social media influencer tells me that I need to do her routine 5-6x per week, take this supplement, and workout at a specific time per day. Already, I am so lost in these complicated details, not quite understanding why I’m doing them in the first place.

What happens if I’m not eating enough protein or sleeping enough to allow my body time and energy to recover? Or what if I have a mentally-taxing career that leaves me exhausted and stressed?

What’s the problem here? The very foundation of my health is not strong, so why should I expect to achieve my fitness goals?

So, what are the foundations of proper health and wellness? My biggest goal is to help people realize total health and wellness so that they feel their best. It’s not just about looking a certain way or being free from disease. Total wellness is multifaceted concept, and just like chemistry, it has subfields that contribute to the overall concept. These subfields include:

  • Physical wellness
  • Mental wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Social wellness
  • Environmental wellness
  • Financial wellness

These are often called the seven dimensions of wellness. Often times, I think we get so wrapped up in the complex details of our physical fitness that we forget about the other six!

Is there foundational knowledge that you’re overlooking or forgetting about when it comes to your health? If so, I highly recommend checking out this Instagram post where I explain some of the concepts and their importance. Additionally, you’ll want to join my free Facebook community to find out more. I’m going to be talking about the foundations of health this week for Wellness Wednesday. It’s going to be a highly practical and useful chat that I think everyone can benefit from!

It would be impossible for me to successfully complete my doctoral thesis without considering the fundamentals of general chemistry. Similarly, it is impossible for us to achieve total wellness if we are only focused on becoming physically fit.

What aspects of your health are you ignoring or not giving enough attention to? Are you distracted with something that is causing one dimension to fall short?

We all do it! I don’t claim to have every dimension of wellness figured out. Every day is a struggle to balance each aspect. We are all human!

When I don’t understand why one of my experiments in the lab isn’t working, I always refer back to the fundamental principles of chemistry.

When something does feel off in my life, or my health feels “out of whack” I always refer back to these seven fundamental principles.

I hope you tune into this week’s Wellness Wednesday to learn more about the foundational knowledge for your overall health and wellness!

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