What people are saying

Chad M.

“I had a sense of helplessness and not knowing how to tackle or start to live a healthier lifestyle. I tried strict diets, fad diets, which did not go well always – I gained back my weight. With Taylor’s 12 Week Nutrition Program, I have learned sustainable habits, and I am able to build on them. Mentally, I feel much less intimidated by making healthier choices. Taylor was very positive and reinforcing in helping me work toward my goals.”

Mena R.

“It was hard for me to understand how food worked for my body. I wanted to know how to properly find ways to keep myself healthy. I hired other coaches but they told me what to do and not HOW to do it. I left other coaches without knowing any new useful information. I know she was very busy working on her PhD so I was wondering how she would make time to help others. But she did 🙂 I felt comfortable asking questions and not feeling like I was bothering for information. I felt that she was genuinely wanting to help me feel good about myself and wanted to project and authentic example. She isn’t your typical “influencer” she is a role model for a healthy life style. She is clearly educated in science and that’s very important when learning about health and nutrition. Most coaches DON’T have anything close to that. She’s kind and really prioritizes educating her clients.”

Chris J.

“I had problems with motivation before and joint pain and stiffness. Working out alone with no accountability led to distractions. I’m in a good routine now and just looking for approval. She was knowledgeable, and it was obvious that your program is working and she had good concerns of total health. I experienced some weight gain and muscle size overall and a better attitude. Taylor’s short answers provide quick results.”

**Taylor has received explicit permission to post this content on her site. Some sentences are paraphrased for grammar.